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Thursday Pick & Mix (#4)

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

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Hello, Dear Readers - and welcome back to Thursday Pick & Mix.

Are you ready to take ten minutes out of your day, just for yourself, to write freely and just for fun? If no, do it anyway: I really don't think you'll regret it.

My weekly reminder of the few rules:

  • Use any mixture of the prompts that you like. One of them, two, all three - even none (go rogue).

  • Write for ten minutes. No more and no less. If you're the type who anxiously watches the clock or checks her watch (like me) then set a timer and put it out of sight but in earshot.

  • Don't edit or revise what you're writing while you are writing. No exceptions! If writing longhand, put your palm or a piece of paper over the lines as you scribble them. If writing onscreen, set the font to the same colour as the page so that it's invisible. So what if you make typos or spelling mistakes? It doesn't matter!

  • Once your ten minutes are up, walk away. Don't read what you've written straight away. Leave it. Leave it long enough that you might remember it with a little start of surprise and pleasure later on, and go back to it in a spirit of happy interest. You don't need to judge it, evaluate it for it's worth and try to 'fix' it. It was just for fun. If no one ever reads your ten minute scribbles, it doesn't matter one tiny single bit.

Ready, steady... PROMPT.



"Something he saw in my face seemed to give him courage."

Good writing. I wish you joy.

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