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Thursday Pick & Mix

Hello, Dear Readers, and welcome back to the blog - and to Thursday Pick & Mix! It's been a while, hasn't it? I hope you're ready for a low-stress, low-pressure creativity kickstart that is specifically designed to reconnect writers to their artistic joy. I know I am.

The Rules:

You own the next ten minutes. This is You Time. No guilt, no pressure, no anxiety, just fun. Set your timer, pick up your pen or open up your word processing programme, and look at the inviting blank page with anticipation.

Pick a prompt, any prompt - or two, or three - or, if something else occurs to you, go with that instead. Whatever makes you want to write. Whatever helps you to experience that spark of creative joy.

Don't waste your creative spark on second-guessing yourself. Put a piece of paper over the lines as you write them, or set your font to the same colour as the page so that it's invisible. Who cares about spelling, grammar, awkward phrases, punctuation or typos? They don't matter. Creativity matters.

When you've finished, walk away. You don't need to rush to re-read this writing, assess it, or fix it. That's not what it's for. It's about joy, not results.

The Prompts:




"In that darkness, that greater darkness, she had not known that she had lost her way, that her balance was gone, had not even understood she was falling, until it was already too late."

Happy writing! I wish you joy.

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