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Royal Literary Fund Podcast - "The North Star"

Hello, Dear Readers! Welcome back to An Eddying Flight, where this week I have a podcast for you from the Royal Literary Fund's Writers Aloud series. I absolutely loved writing and voicing this (and especially working with lovely Amanda, who recorded it) and I think it turned out really well.

The first part of the podcast is by a writer called Marcy Kahan; she talks about how she fell into the business of playwriting manuals, which is fascinating especially for anyone who has dabbled or would like to dabble in writing for the stage. The second half is mine. I talk about how my understanding of my characters is central to creating a fully realised imaginative world, like a Northern Star by which I navigate.

My section of the podcast starts at roughly 15.15, if you want to go there directly (but do try Marcy's part as well, if the topic's appealing to you).

A quick note: as of this blogpost I've recently had surgery and will be recovering for a couple of weeks, so it's possible that I won't have the spoons to write a Thursday Pick & Mix for June. If your need is great, you could always go back and revisit previous Creativity Kickstarts that you may have missed, but in any case, Pick & Mix will return in July following my (hopefully successful!) PhD upgrade and mini-viva. I might blog about the upgrade/confirmation of status process later on; you can let me know on FB or Twitter if you're interested in learning more about it.

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