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'Re-Imagining Beauty' & 'From Here to Eternity'

Hello, Dear Readers - welcome or welcome back to An Eddying Flight.

Today I bring you some delightful linkity. Firstly, my debut scholarly article is now live in the inaugural volume of Leaf Journal, and it's free to read and download if you should wish to do so! It's titled 'Re-Imaginging Beauty' and is my analysis of various iterations of Beauty & the Beast (including one I wrote and published myself) through an intersectional Feminist lens. I'm really proud of it, and very proud to be in the first issue of such a lovely journal.

All the articles look really interesting and I've already read and enjoyed a couple myself, particularly the one by Charlotte Teeple-Salas on timeslip (what a coincidence!) so I encourage you to check it out if you're interested in writing for young people.

I talked in detail about the process of submitting and then revising this article here, and I think it should be useful to anyone who is seeking to write or adapt a paper for a peer-reviewed journal.

Next, my public lecture 'From Here to Eternity': Non-Linearity in Creative Writing, Physics, & the Romantic Sublime is coming up this very Wednesday at 7pm on MS Teams and I really hope that you will sign up and come along if you can - and free feel to ask questions afterwards! As an added incentive, I will share that I'll actually be reading a nice juicy snippet from my novel at the end, if anyone's curious about it.

I'm looking forward to the event and terrified in equal measure, as I think is fairly usual.

If you wanted to make it to either of the other lectures last Wednesday but couldn't for whatever reason, you'll want to bookmark this link, as I'm informed that recordings of the lectures will be in place there soon. I particularly recommend Rebekah's talk, Life, Legacy, Fact, Fiction, and Form: How research shapes creative practice in a novel about Gertrude Bell, not just because she is my Creative Writing colleague, but also because it is absolutely spell-binding. I loved it.

In the meantime, I am bearing down hard on the final 20k or so of my novel and am dealing with all the usual mental crises and alarums, not aided by the fact that I've developed an issue with my wrist which is preventing me from drafing in longhand. I've drafted everything in longhand my entire career, and the one time I tried a different method, the results were... fairly terrible. However, as one of my lead characters states (rather presciently) the only way out is through. Onward!

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